[Catalog-sig] Would PyPI be a welcome place for Blogofile plugins?

Ryan McGuire ryan at enigmacurry.com
Thu Feb 10 00:40:03 CET 2011


I'm the author of Blogofile (http://www.blogofile.com) and am creating
a new plugin system that will allow people to install third party
Python modules as plugins to Blogofile. There is a current discussion
on this topic here:


The best suggestion for how to do this so far is to just use Python
eggs for plugins, and we'd be able to leverage the existing
functionality of easy_install or pip for versioning and dependency
management. However, Blogofile plugins are not necessarily Python
source code, they could just be CSS files for a Blogofile theme. The
idea is to wrap this content in a Python module and retrieve this
content via pkg_resources.

Would the inclusion of such modules, that have no actual Python code
in them, but do enhance an existing Python tool on PyPI (blogofile) be
an abuse of PyPI? Could a trove classifier be setup to indicate that
these are Blogofile plugins?

This is a crosspost from a question I asked on the PyPI support
tracker (http://is.gd/pnbxOk), and it was suggested there to bring
this discussion to catalog-sig.

Ryan McGuire

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