[Catalog-sig] Scheduled PyPI outage on Friday

kiorky kiorky at cryptelium.net
Mon Feb 21 22:14:28 CET 2011

Le 19/02/2011 00:18, David Glick a écrit :
> On 2/18/11 3:11 PM, "Martin v. Löwis" wrote:
>> Am 18.02.2011 20:37, schrieb David Glick:
>>> Martin v. Löwis <martin <at> v.loewis.de> writes:
>>>> Due to a Debian upgrade, PyPI will be offline on Friday between 9:00 UTC
>>>> and 11:00 UTC, most likely for less than an hour.
>>> This morning I am getting a 404 while trying to add a role for a user on a
>>> package
>>> (http://pypi.python.org/pypi?:action=role_form&package_name=Products.Scrawl).
>>> Known issue? Related to the upgrade?
>>> Please let me know if this sort of thing is better reported somewhere else.
>>> thanks,
>> This is a good place for this kind of report. Proper bug reports should
>> go to the tracker, though.
> Ah, I overlooked the 'Bug reports' link in the PyPI navigation.
>> As for this report: What exactly is "this morning" (i.e. morning in what
>> part of the world)? I usually post times in UTC (living, myself,
>> in GMT+1).
> This was at ~ 16:00 UTC Friday. It's still not working for me now.
> (23:16 UTC)
>> In any case, if I try to access the URL now, I'm getting a login form if
>> not logged in, and the role management page when logged in as admin,
>> so it works fine for me.
> The role management page loads fine (logged in), but when I fill out the
> form and click Add Role it gets a 404 POSTing to that URL.
> David
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I reproduce it, i can no longer manage package roles.

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