[Catalog-sig] API search by python version (or classifier)

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Wed Jan 26 03:36:55 CET 2011

Again, including the list.

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On Tue, Jan 25, 2011 at 6:09 PM, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de>wrote:

> > searching capabilities (like searching by dependency),
> I tried adding this functionality to PyPI, but it was shot down quickly
> by many catalog-sig readers, see the thread starting at
> http://mail.python.org/pipermail/catalog-sig/2010-September/003301.html

I'm not positive we're on the same page. You seem to be talking about adding
some specific new data in a specific way to the index, and *then* making it
available. I'm talking about making the *current* data available to programs
the same way it's available via a web interface. It seems your ideas were
shot down because "it's coming", if I read it right. I myself am kind of
confused about that, because my understanding is also that "it's coming" in
the form of a tool that can only be used for Python 3 packages :/

> > a more intuitive notion of 'ranking'
> You would have to be more specific: I don't understand what that is
> (or how the current ranking is unintuitive)

I'm sorry -- I meant "scoring" and not "ranking". I have yet to meet a
Python user (at least in person) who actually understands what that score
means and what it consists of. And a note on the PyPI site claims that
packages are no longer automatically scored, leading to confusion about the
potential for 'stale' scores. In addition, I can't seem to find any detailed
description of what exactly goes into the score. Other package archives have
methods of indicating to the user the 'vitality' and 'popularity' of a
project, for example:


Also note that the methods, while probably simpler than PyPIs 'score', are
precisely (if not verbosely) documented.

> Please be prepared that any changes to this feature likely get shot
> down, also.

Thanks for the heads up.

>  If it doesn't get shot down, we can
> ponder implementing it, in which case contributions would be welcome.

You'd do that for me?


> Regards,
> Martin

Brian K. Jones
My Blog          http://www.protocolostomy.com
Follow me      http://twitter.com/bkjones

Brian K. Jones
My Blog          http://www.protocolostomy.com
Follow me      http://twitter.com/bkjones
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