[Catalog-sig] API search by python version (or classifier)

Alexis Métaireau alexis at notmyidea.org
Wed Jan 26 22:07:18 CET 2011

Le 26/01/2011 20:44, "Martin v. Löwis" a écrit :
> FWIW, another copy of the PyPI metadata is available in FluidDB, which
> is also a rest-based database:
> http://www.fluidinfo.com/
> http://fluiddb.fluidinfo.com/about/pypi-fluiddb-mirror
> http://fluiddb.fluidinfo.com/namespaces/loewis?returnNamespaces=True
> http://fluiddb.fluidinfo.com/namespaces/loewis/cheeseshop?returnTags=True

Great !
>> +1. eggs are unfortunately a hell to deal with when it comes to
>> metadata: we are forced to downlad the distributions and extract the
>> metadata using the setuptools egg_info command.
> It's your (catalog-sig reader's) choice that this is a hell to deal
> with: I offered to provide the metadata on PyPI, and the proposal
> was shot down. Had I been allowed to implement the feature, the data
> would have been available to everybody without downloading.

As stated before, the problem with those metadata is they are os
specific, and one version can't be determined once for all. Putting
those metadata on PyPI could be wrong, because not accurate.

PEP 345 deals with those os specific issues and propose a metadata
format to statically describe those os specific informations.


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