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Thu Jan 27 09:16:21 CET 2011

On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:23 AM, Tres Seaver <tseaver at palladion.com> wrote:
> I think the SIG's response in September was a good example of "the
> perfect is the ene good":
> - - A miniscule fraction of all PyPI releases actually declare PEP 345
>  metadata.  I see no evidence that the number is growing[1].

It can't grow if the tool used to make it is not published. So this
point is not relevant.

> - - A very significant number of the packages on PyPI declare
>  dependencies via setuptools'requires.txt';  "practicality beats
>  purity."
> - - Of the packages which were made with setuptools metadata, the number
>  for which one distribution of a given release has different
>  dependencies than another of the same release is likely insignificant.
> - - Resolving conflicts in favor of source distributions would be the
>  simplest and most useful heuristicc (binary eggs suck as a sharing
>  format!)
> Exposing even imperfect dependency data while we await PEP 345 adoption
> would have been a useful, pragmatic thing to do.

I doubt it, because it would have pushed us in yet another direction
by asking client application to use yet another PyPI "metadata" format
that is not the future standard that was PEPed and agreed upon,

PyPI should rely on the standard metadata and push them forward,
especially since we're talking about a feature that does not exist yet

I mean, we already have all the pain in the world to support in
distutils2up to 3 different standards in installed projects on a
system. Now that we're talking about adding features on a top of a
format we want to drop next ? hug..

ISTM that pushing for PEP 345 adoption once d2 is out (It just one
extra section in setup.cfg, and compatible w/ setuptools !) is way
simpler and will avoid another couple of years of standing behind the
"practical beats purity" when it comes to metadata.

I mean, we are not removing anything, but adding new features. So
let's do them the right way..

> [1] Of the forty most recent releases on PyPI as of this writing:
>    - Nnot one* correctly declared a PEP 345 'Requires-Dist' (one
>    seemed to want that, but used 'Requires' with a version string).
>    - Twenty-six of the  forty used setuptools to declare
>      dependencies;
>    - Four had no package uploaded.
>    - Five used PEP 314-style 'Requires' (no versions, not necessarily
>      project names
>    - FIve were "bare" distutils with no dependency metadata at all.
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