[Catalog-sig] Tab Title customization and Tal to Django/Jinja transition

anatoly techtonik techtonik at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 20:57:20 CEST 2011


Mailman <-> Google Groups integration doesn't work well, so I'm
sending mails directly as requested.

I often search for packages like 'soap' and open a lot of tabs. It is
impossible to navigate this mess, because all tabs are named like
"Python Package Index : package name" and 'package name' is of course
invisible. The obvious way to fix this is below (with full patch

Index: pypi/templates/standard_template.pt
-      <title tal:content="string:Python Package Index : ${data/title}" />
+      <title tal:content="string:${data/title} : Python Package Index" />

However, it changes URL for all pages, which may be not what is
desired. Any ideas how to make it only for package description pages
in TAL?

Here comes the second question. Considering that I have an idea how to
do this in Django and:
1. more users are familiar with Django templates than with TAL
2. people are unlikely to learn another language for PyPI
3. Django templates are used in AppEngine port
4. Django templates seems way more simple and no less powerful

Will people here support migrating existing PyPI templates to Django?
I guess the process can be made more fun with incremental update.
However, I don't know if Django template engine can be separately
installed even though App Engine SDK supports this. I've heard that
Jinja2 is compatible option, so it can also be used instead.
anatoly t.
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