[Catalog-sig] trove - LGPL v3 not recognised?

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Nov 15 07:46:54 CET 2011

> 1) The other licenses which have versions attached to them do not place the
>    version into a fourth level

That's probably because nobody thought of it.

> 2) The utility of searching like that is limited.

Why do you say that? You have full search capabilities either way. In
fact, sub-classifiers improve the search capabilities.

>    If I'm searching for
>    particular licenses, it's typically because I need to know whether the
>    license is compatible with some other license.

I'm not really sure what the common case for searching for a license is.
One reason might also be that people want to know what the most popular
licenses are, and would there want to aggregate GPL (any version).

But let's assume that people actually search for licenses to find
software that is compatible with their needs (whether that is their
license, their company policies, or their personal preferences).

>    The GPL v2 and versoin 3 licenses are not compatible with each other.

Then you search for either one by subclassifier (as you would for
a flat classification). However, there are also cases where the
license in question is compatible with both GPL versions, so you would
want to search for GPL "any version".

>    With this in mind, it seemed like code which used the trove license
>    categories would need to operate on each license+version independently,
>    even if we grouped them that way in the categorization scheme.

In the use cases you cited. I think there are also use cases where you
would want to entire supercategory.


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