[Catalog-sig] PyPI uploads >= 1M

Andreas Kloeckner inform at tiker.net
Thu Nov 24 01:53:37 CET 2011

Hi there,

I just tried to submit the next version of the 'islpy' Python package,
but PyPI wouldn't let me--it said '413 Request entity too large'. The
package is about 1.6 MB gzipped or 1.2 MB bzip2'd. It's a legitimate
package with a few users--I promise. :) The reason for the size is that
it includes a minimal subset of Boost.Python as well as the isl library
(which it wraps). I read somewhere that there's a file size limit of 5M
(which sounds reasonable), but it looks like the httpd refuses smaller
packages before they even get uploaded.

Please cc me on responses as I'm not subscribed.


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