[Catalog-sig] PyPI uploads >= 1M

Jannis Leidel jannis at leidel.info
Sat Nov 26 17:04:48 CET 2011

On 24.11.2011, at 01:53, Andreas Kloeckner wrote:

> Hi there,
> I just tried to submit the next version of the 'islpy' Python package,
> but PyPI wouldn't let me--it said '413 Request entity too large'. The
> package is about 1.6 MB gzipped or 1.2 MB bzip2'd. It's a legitimate
> package with a few users--I promise. :) The reason for the size is that
> it includes a minimal subset of Boost.Python as well as the isl library
> (which it wraps). I read somewhere that there's a file size limit of 5M
> (which sounds reasonable), but it looks like the httpd refuses smaller
> packages before they even get uploaded.
> Please cc me on responses as I'm not subscribed.

That has been fixed yesterday, please try again.


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