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On 14 September 2011 14:22, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de> wrote:

> Am 14.09.11 14:36, schrieb drkjam:
>  Would it be possible to have trove classifiers added to PyPI specifically
>> for PyPy and possibly also Jython and IronPython?
> Here's the standard set of questions for proposers of new classifiers:
> * what specific classifiers are you proposing?
> * what specific semantics would you imply for packages tagged with these
> classifiers?
> * what specific packages that are already on PyPI would be tagged with
> these specific classifiers?

Addressing the last 2 of these questions particularly:

It would be useful to be able to specify that a package is tested with
(known to work with) alternative implementations. So, for example, I would
tag "mock" with pypy and Jython as I routinely test on those implementations
and know that it works.

As a user (or potential user) of pypy, it would be very useful to know what
packages are known work with pypy. At the moment pypy has to maintain its
own list or users have to check individual package documentation or proceed
by trial and error.

For Jython and IronPython it is possible to have packages that *only* work
on those implementations because they integrate with or use features of the
underlying platform. For example rst2xaml is a package only useful for those
using IronPython (either on the desktop or with Silverlight).

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