[Catalog-sig] PyPI mirrors are all up to date

Dylan Jay djay at pretaweb.com
Mon Apr 16 19:04:53 CEST 2012

On 16/04/2012, at 11:30 PM, Martin v. Löwis wrote:

>> Why not go to the next level and get the script on this page to  
>> update a
>> DNS load balancer with all green mirrors?
> I still think that mirror selection should be on the client side.  
> First,
> if you have an infrastructure that updates the mirror list, it is  
> again
> a single point of failure. Plus, clients would want to select a mirror
> based on network performance, which a DNS load balancer cannot  
> achieve.

One of the services offered by edgedirector.com etc is "geo-targetted  
global load balancing" which means they will serve up the IP closest  
to your location.

In any case offering a load balanced domain like "any.pypi.org"  
doesn't preclude individual mirror domains. The user could choose.

> Regards,
> Martin

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