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Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
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On 8/1/12 5:12 PM, Yuval Greenfield wrote:
> Pasted what the FAQ says for reference:
>     Is pythonpackages.com <http://pythonpackages.com> open source?
>     The web application that powers pythonpackages.com
>     <http://pythonpackages.com> is not open source, however it uses open
>     source software where and when applicable, and permissible by
>     license, in order to facilitate its operation. Furthermore,
>     pythonpackages.com <http://pythonpackages.com> has a large
>     committment to the open source software community in general, and
>     strives to contribute as much as possible. All of pythonpackages.com
>     <http://pythonpackages.com>’s open source offerings are made
>     available here: https://github.com/pythonpackages.
> It doesn't really explain why pythonpackages.com
> <http://pythonpackages.com> isn't open source.

True, I've added this:


> Keeping the project
> closed is your right. Though I can definitely understand why Eric or any
> package maintainer would worry of introducing a dependency on a black
> box that does binary magic.

It's a valid point, but I've purposely chosen to automate tasks that are 
relatively trivial to perform locally, in hopes that the automation will 
create value and help folks' do their jobs better.

The "binary magic" FWIW is currently:

- Redis-backed pyramid application with deform forms to facilitate user 
sign up and package management.
- requests library to do GitHub API calls.
- Hacks around GitHub and PyPI API limitations (the latter of which is 
currently being addressed, and is probably the most relevant topic to 
discuss on this list).
- pbs library to make `python setup.py` calls.


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