[Catalog-sig] disabling the serving of links from description_html?

Holger Krekel holger.krekel at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 15:54:50 CET 2012

Hi Richard, hi all,

While reading the pypi main and other sources i wondered how we could
switch off serving links from description_html, at least on a per-project
basis.  It's really annoying that when you start to add some links to a
long_description that installation of your package will thus slow down
around the world.  Even if you remove the links from the next release.

How could we arrange for a maintainer to communicate to the pypi-server
that a particular project should not ever serve links from description_html
(and maybe not even from the homepage while we are at it)?

Preferably it should be something that can be done from existing setup.py
files, like adding a special trove-classifier or keyword.  But a little
custom tool or a web page form would be ok as well.

If maintainers could easily switch off these extra links, then this means
less stress for the pypi server and a global considerable speedup of
installing python packages as often most of the pip/easy_install time is
spent with checking out these URLs.

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