[Catalog-sig] Introducing: pythonpackages.com

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Tue Jan 3 03:15:27 CET 2012


For the past two months I've been developing a service for developers 
and consumers of Python packages:

- http://pythonpackages.com

(And as folks who develop, discuss, and maintain the Python Package 
Index, this service may especially be of interest to you!)

Recently, we've added the ability for folks to login with their github 
account. This changes the landscape of the site from anonymous to 
personal, and with this change the creation of "profile pages" is now 
possible, e.g.:

- http://pythonpackages.com/user/nutjob4life

We've seen a fair amount of activity on the site by anonymous users, and 
with this change I envision a fair amount of github user activity. 
Toward that end, I would appreciate it if you would take a minute to 
login with your github account here (requires read only access) and give 
the service a try:

- http://pythonpackages.com/login

You can also browse recent package activity (via the PyPI API) here:

- http://pythonpackages.com/activity

Discuss packages here:

- http://pythonpackages.com/discuss

And read our site documentation here:

- http://pythonpackages-docs.readthedocs.org

Lastly, if you have any feedback please feel free to leave a comment here:

- http://pythonpackages.com/about

Or open a ticket here:

- https://bitbucket.org/pythonpackages/pythonpackages.com/issues/new



Alex Clark · http://pythonpackages.com

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