[Catalog-sig] "testime" : package name conflict

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at v.loewis.de
Mon Jan 23 23:26:53 CET 2012

> We would like to publish an open source package on PyPI for our product
> line "teatime". We would like to call the package teatime, but a package
> with such name is already registered. The registered package is surely a
> funny package but not of essential value for the python community and
> has not been touched since submission many years ago, it appears to be
> more of a trial to upload some code. The issue now is that package
> author Etienne Robillard is not reachable under the email given here or
> under any email address I found on the web. Is there any cleaning
> procedure that removes packages from the repository if the authors email
> becomes invalid, the package is hardly downloaded, of obvious limited
> value and not maintained anymore?

That the package appears to have little value to you is no reason to
delete it from the package index. The policy for using package names
is clearly "first-come, first served", except in extraordinary
circumstances such as trademark infringement.

That the author is unresponsive is more of a reason to delete the
package from the index. In the past, we used that as a reason to
reassign package maintenance to a new maintainer.

Reusing the name for a different project entirely is a different issue.
It may be that the original author comes back, says he was on vacation,
and wants the reassignment reverted, in which case we should revert it.

That said, please submit a support request to the PyPI issue tracker.
We'll probably verify unreachability of the original user of the name
also, and then reassign. Please understand that this may take a while.


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