[Catalog-sig] Fwd: Re: New pythonpackages.com service coming soon

martin at v.loewis.de martin at v.loewis.de
Tue Jan 24 02:57:25 CET 2012

Pardon me for jumping in, but this isn't really the *specific* use-case
that Richard was asking for: AFAICT, you are *not* the owner of package
"foo" (that is owned by "munichlinux"), and I doubt that bar.com has any
interest in PyPI (as that primarily seems to collect bar jokes, both
of the "A guy walks into a bar" kind, and of the lawyer kind)

Plus, there isn't really a PyPI listing of any user, nor is there much
private information that anybody would want to get on PyPI (and for what
little private information there is, I can't see any use case for getting


> If i'm the owner of package foo, and website bar.com wants to modify  
> my PyPI listing, or get private information, or whatever OAuth could  
> be used to securely grant bar.com authorization to the foo resource.
> And I wasn't aware of PyPI's OpenID support, but now that I know of  
> it I believe I have some ideas for taking advantage of it yes.
> On Monday, January 23, 2012 at 7:13 PM, Richard Jones wrote:
>> On 24 January 2012 10:47, Donald Stufft <donald.stufft at gmail.com  
>> (mailto:donald.stufft at gmail.com)> wrote:
>> > Well I'm interested in PyPI OpenID ;) (or OAuth, either way…  
>> OAuth would be
>> > nice in that people could give authorization to specific packages, and be
>> > more comprehensive then just a Login)
>> >
>> Could you explain what you mean by "people could give authorization to
>> specific packages"? Do you have a specific use-case in mind? Do you
>> have a site that intends to use PyPI's OpenID?
>> Richard

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