[Catalog-sig] New hostname for SSH uploads

Noah Kantrowitz noah at coderanger.net
Mon May 28 09:43:34 CEST 2012

Can someone with commit access please update the pypissh package to use the hostname "ssh.pypi.python.org". For now this points to the same place as "pypi.python.org", but this is in advance of moving the main "pypi.python.org" hostname to an external CDN. Once that transition is complete, the old hostname will no longer be accessible for SSH uploads. What do people think is a reasonable deprecation timeline for this? To pull numbers out of nowhere, three months seems like a reasonable threshold. Given that the latest version of the package has been out for over a year and has only been downloaded 500 times, a much shorter timeline might also be reasonable given the low impact on the user base.

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