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Tue Nov 13 18:41:22 CET 2012

On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 12:23 PM, "Martin v. Löwis" <martin at v.loewis.de>wrote:

> I want to remove distutils from the standard library. If that happens
>> then we might want a secure way to install it from pypi. One way would
>> be to include the public key used to sign distutils in Python's own
>> signature-verifying bootstrap wheel installer, never mind whether it
>> used ECDSA or RSA or Ed25519. Do you have a better idea? TUF?
>> https://www.updateframework.**com/wiki/**SecuringPythonPackageManagemen**
>> t <https://www.updateframework.com/wiki/SecuringPythonPackageManagement>
> It depends on the threat model - whose definition is key to any security
> discussion.
> I'd say that providing the CA certificate of the CA, and to use https
> for downloading, should be enough.
> Alternatively, if the threat is that somebody may have hacked PyPI,
> then hard-code the hash (SHA-3 if you are paranoid) in the Python
> distribution, and rely on downloading a specific version from PyPI.
> OTOH, I'm -1 on removing the code from Python in a way that it may
> come back through downloading. Instead, it is much easier to keep
> it included.

It is a long term goal. It would be more practical to discourage distutils
and encourage users to look elsewhere (Bento) for a beautifully designed
build system.

The short term goal is just to standardize a way to install packages
without having a build system, which is what wheel is for apart from the
practical goal of simply installing lxml in a reasonable amount of time.

I think Metadata 1.2 (PEP 426) is ready to be accepted. The compatibility
tags (PEP 425) need some additional text in the discussion section, any
contributors for https://bitbucket.org/dholth/pep425tags/ ? Wheel (PEP 427)
might mention that version 1.0 of the spec is only concerned with
losslessly representing existing (setuptools & distutils) packages without
trying to add too many new features apart from a standardized .egg

distutils itself is not testable.

Daniel Holth
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