[Catalog-sig] V3 PEP-draft for transitioning to pypi-hosting of release files

Carl Meyer carl at oddbird.net
Fri Mar 15 17:10:41 CET 2013

Hi Marcus,

On 03/15/2013 01:32 AM, Marcus Smith wrote:
>     In addition, maintainers of installation tools are asked to release
>     two updates.  The first one shall provide clear warnings [...]
>     The second update for installation tools should change the default
>     mode to allow only installation of package files hosted at the index
>     domain, 
> sounds good to me.

Excellent, having the installer-tool maintainers on-board is obviously
important here :-)

>     It is expected that tools in this release may choose to change the
>     default index url to ``https://pypi.python.org/simple/-with-ext``
>     <https://pypi.python.org/simple/-with-ext> in
> so, *eventually*, the /simple interface (that has been transitioned to
> only serve pypi links) could be deprecated?
> (because new tools would be smart enough to responsibly navigate
>  /simple/-with-ext)
> but slightly ironic that we'd be left with an interface called
> "simple/-with-ext", given the goal of all this, but it makes sense.

Right, it was precisely this awkwardness (the likelihood that tools
would want to default to -with-ext and use host-comparison to
distinguish internal/external, so as to provide info about external
links with a single request-response) that led us to eliminate the
separate indexes in our latest V4 draft and use rel attributes to
distinguish link types.


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