[Catalog-sig] PEP 438 implementation on testpypi

M.-A. Lemburg mal at egenix.com
Wed Mar 20 20:31:23 CET 2013

On 20.03.2013 19:26, Richard Jones wrote:
> Thanks to Donald Stufft for his implementation of the PEP 438 changes,
> I've made them live on testpypi.python.org - specifically the "urls"
> page of package administration. Please poke and play.

Nice... first tests:

* Going to "urls" and then clicking on [Change] gives an error:

Name and version are required

Name and version are required

It doesn't matter which choice you select.

* Will there be an RPC interface to register URLs with PyPI ?

Doing this manually for a large number of files is, well,
not ideal :-)

* Adding URLs should do some more tests, I think:

It's possible to register "test#md5=123" (without http/ftp and
without providing the full MD5 sum).

It's possible to register "../test/#md5=123", i.e. point
to different files on PyPI itself. Not sure whether this
is a bug or feature ;-)

It's possible to register "test#md5=123&sha1=123". This is
actually a good thing, since it allows implementing the
hash tag extensions proposed by Christian Heimes. I'm just
mentioning this, so that it becomes a supported feature.

* I'm missing an option:

[ ] Ask tools to scrape only the Download URL.

This should result in the download_url being put on the /simple/
index page with rel="download" being set.

Reasoning: This is the designated URL where packages should be
downloaded from. With the current list of choices, I'd have to
select the last option, which includes the old long description
links and the homepage URL.

Other things:

* Would it be possible to add a link to the corresponding
/simple/ index page on the package menu (the one with files,
urls, etc.) ?

* Could you add a link to the PKG-INFO file from
  pypi?:action=display_pkginfo to the /simple/ page as
  <version>-PKG-INFO (to match the other links) ?

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