[CentralOH] Long time python programmer, first time Ohian... (Buckeye?)

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 04:19:27 CEST 2007

Hi, William, and welcome!

Well, we're pretty much an embryonic group right now - the main purpose of
the mailing list is to keep track of each other so we can start to plan for
some events.  With luck, eventually we'll start up regular meetings once
we've got enough people to form critical mass.

Sorry, we named the group centralOH, which doesn't sound all that inviting
to Cinci folks.  But not-cleveland at python.org would be a little clumsy.
Hopefully you won't be the only Cinci person involved.  Oh!  You just
reminded me - I have to follow up with a PyCon contact who said he knew some
Cincinnati Pythonistas.

In the meantime, the mission is to get that critical mass... so let
everybody who might be interested in the mailing list know about it.  And
kidnap innocent children and brainwash them into the joys of Python.

Actually, I've got some brainwashing coming up - I'm repeating that intro to
Python talk I gave at Dayton Perl Mongers this coming Friday at a Wright
State ACM chapter meeting.  Wish me luck!  In the meantime, the Mongers have
scheduled a Ruby speaker for April.  Turncoats.  ;)

On 4/2/07, William McVey <wam at cisco.com> wrote:
> Hey folks, I've been a (quiet) member of the list since it formed (as I
> knew I'd be moving before long). Well I've now moved up here to
> Cincinnati from Austin TX and felt it was time to introduce myself. I've
> been using python for the past 7+ years (former perl/awk/bash/C
> programmer), writing a lot of code I can't really talk about, but also
> contributing to a variety of various pre-existing open tools. In the
> past year or so, I've done quite a bit of web development in Django, but
> most of my work with python has been in networking protocols, security
> testing and text/XML processing. I've been to the past couple of PyCon's
> and am looking forward to PyCon 2008 (convenient that it followed me up
> from TX to the midwest).
> I've not seen much activity on the list. Are there ever
> meetings/presentations within this group? Any other pythoneers residing
> here in Cinci?
>   -- William

- Catherine
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