[CentralOH] Dayton Dynamic Languages Users Group

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 05:20:12 CET 2007

Ohio Pythonistas,

You wouldn't believe it.  I stuck my hand in the Dayton Perl Mongers
group, and this silvery weirdness enveloped them and they turned into
a Python group.

Well, not exactly.  Actually, they've always been quite friendly to
Python and Ruby content; as of last month, they decided their name
ought to reflect that.


It's as close as we're likely to see to a specific Python group in
Dayton anytime soon, so I'm excited.  I'll try to start making their
meetings (I'd only made two so far.)  If you're out here in the
western part of our region, consider yourself invited!  Actually, no
matter where you are, consider coming to Dayton with a Python talk;
we'd love to have you!

It makes me think we should join with the Columbus Ruby brigade, etc.
for a daylong all-dynamic-languages unconference in Columbus.  Has
anybody been to an unconference yet?  I guess what's been holding me
back, personally, is the feeling that I don't really know how to
organize an unconference.  To the extent that it needs organization;
well, everything needs some organization.  Anyway.  Anybody else want
to help make this happen?

Dynamic language programmers of the world, unite; you have nothing to
lose but your tedious typecasting boilerplate!

Finally, if you're not spasming with excitement about PyCon yet, you
should be.  The talk submissions have been amazing.  Wait till you see
the schedule.
- Catherine

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