[CentralOH] New Types

David Car david.car at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 14 14:07:00 CEST 2007

On Thursday 14 June 2007 07:04:38 Daniel 'Dang' Griffith wrote:
> I definitely don't know the answer. Have you tried posting to
> comp.lang.python? For a while, I was reading the pythondev mailing list,
> and there was quite a bit about PyObjects and such, but they were working
> at a lower level. I would try comp.lang.python first, and then maybe
> subscribe to the pythondev mailing list and send a question there.
> Isn't PyObject used for interfacing with C/non-Python code? What kind of
> fun are you up to?
>      --dang
Hey Dang,

No, I haven't tried comp.lang.python yet.  I've posted to python-forums.org 
and no response there.  I didn't know about comp.lang.python though, so 
thanks for that tip. 

I'm just trying to learn to write extensions/new types in Python to interface 
with some other C code.  So far so good, everything works.  There's just that 
little nagging question I have about how it's setting a certain pointer in 
the PyObject structure for a new type.  I don't see where or how this is 
happening in the initialization chain when you create a new object of your 
new type.  It's one of those things I can just put on the back burner and 
keep moving forward, but it would be nice to know to make everything clear.  
Thanks for the comp.lang.python site.  I will definitely throw a post up 
there.  All the best.



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