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Jesse G. Lands jglands at att.net
Wed Jun 20 18:31:24 CEST 2007

> Welcome back to Ohio.  
Thanks, it's been a while.

> I know what you mean about getting Linux into
> your work environment.  I work for the Air Force (civilian) and
> although we do have a Linux cluster that I can be thankful for, I
> really would like it installed on my laptop where I do much of my
> work.  It's an uphill battle as you say, but I'll be fighting it this
> fall nonetheless.  It's a good thing Python is cross platform.  So if
> I lose the battle, I probably could still use Python regardless.
I tried to get our organization to replace the Micro$oft server with a
linux cluster as the Oracle server.  The database they run is terribly
slow.  Unfortunately there a 'people' who know exactly what they are
doing and choose to keep it on Windows.  I've developed a few small
scripts to use at work, but most of my hacking comes at home.  If it's
not .NET then it couldn't possibly be worth anything.

> On Tuesday 19 June 2007 15:14:25 Jesse G. Lands wrote:
> > group project or something of the sort.
> That would be fun.
It would be nice to maybe put some scripts together or a large
project.  Perhaps we could eventually get to a script repository for
stuff down by our group.  Hopefully we can get enough interest soon to
have meetings and speakers.  Seems like Catherine does stuff like that
so we can keep her gainfully employed in speaking for a while.

Well good to be a part of the group and anything I can do to help
spread the Python 'word' let me know.

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