[CentralOH] Welcome, Central Ohio Pythonistas!

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 22:28:13 CET 2007

Well, centraloh at python.org has a dozen or so members - I suppose it's a good
time to start some dialog!  Thanks to all of you for signing up!

First, congratulations to Pete Carswell for teaching his Python class at OSC
- hope it went great!.  Are any of you listmembers graduates of the class?

Second - let's start thinking and talking about what we can do to teach,
learn, and enjoy Python in our area.  I've got some thoughts already, and I
know Kartic does - let's hear from the rest of you, too!  Just mail it to
centraloh at python.org.

Finally - let's expand this list's membership!  If there are people you know
around here who have an interest in Python, please invite them to the
mailing list.  The more people we can gather, the more cool stuff we can
plan, which will bring in more people, and we can do even cooler stuff, and
bring in more people, and next thing you know we'll be hosting PyCon.  Or
something like that.

Again, welcome!
- Catherine
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