[CentralOH] Ohio LinuxFest

Catherine Devlin catherine.devlin at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 17:35:36 CEST 2007

... is this Saturday!  Last-minute reminders

1. One of us should definitely find the Open Space signup sheet and
schedule a Python Open Space.  (Just please don't make it during my
3:50-4:40 speaking slot.)  So think about what you want to discuss
there!  And/or, if you want to bring a laptop to demo something.

2. I could use some backup singers for my talk!  Or, backup answerers.
 That is... I just know some smart-aleck is going to ask some heavy
computer-sciencey questions that will make my head hurt, something
about late binding or the Global Interpreter Lock or whatnot.  If you
plan to attend and you're capable of helping with questions like that,
please do... and if you can identify yourself to me before the talk
and point me to where you'll be sitting, it would help even more.
Then I can bump/set and you can spike.

3. I'm going to print some flyers (hawking both centralOH at python.org
and PyCon) and stick them on the registration table.  My flyer is very
basic, though; if any of you want to play graphic artist and make
something pretty, that would be great!

Thanks, and see you there!

- Catherine

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