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Hello, Pythonistas!

Ohio had a good, strong representation at PyCon this year.  One thing we
agreed on is that The Time Has Come for PyOhio (or perhaps OhPyO, let's
figure that out).  Imagine a daylong miniconference bringing people from
across the state and beyond.  Let's do it!

Pardon me for splicing you into our conversation like this, but here are
some of the thoughts we've been kicking around so far.

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 10:24 AM, David Stanek <dstanek at dstanek.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 9:56 AM, Catherine Devlin <
> catherine.devlin at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Suggestions I want to throw out for discussion -
> >
> > Name: PyOhio?  I like that.  Somebody (Kartic?) suggested OhPyO.  As
> > soon as we've got the name we should carve out space on wiki.python.organd ask about getting our own serious web space where we can run an instance
> > of the PyCon software; I think the PSF will give us that.
> I can host it if we don't have anywhere else. Once we get a name I can
> register it and have a wiki up there in just a few minutes.
> Where: Columbus?  It's much more likely to bring people from Cincinnati,
> > Athens, Dayton, etc. than Cleveland is.  OTOH if Cleveland people can find a
> > good location first, maybe that'll be the decider.  I'm planning to ping OSU
> > for space.
> Yep I agree. What do you think the cost would be?

I'm hoping to do this on a no-cost basis, with donated space and
bring-your-own-brownbag lunch.  Of course, if some lovely sponsor wants to
spring for lunch, I won't complain.

So, who's interested in the glory and honor of hosting the very first PyCon,
in exchange for, um, glory and honor?  Pete, would the Ohio Supercomputing
Center be interested in hosting us?  How about our people out at OSU?  I can
ping the OSU Open Source club, too.  Maybe even the public library.  Other

When: Midsummer?  That gives us a good distance from PyCon (March),
> > Penguicon (April), Ohio LinuxFest (September), and CodeMash (January).  It
> > also gives us the best chance of securing space at a university, and I think
> > we can whip it together by then.  Only problem is some peoples' vacations
> > may interfere.
>  That sounds good, but my be short notice. If we don't think we can pull
> it together by then we can have it as an extension to LinuxFest (suggested
> by a NOOSS guy).

That's certainly a possibility, although will OLF need to reserve convention
center space for extra time to accomodate us?  Will that cost them, will
they want $ from us for that?  Anybody here involved in OLF organization?

What do people think of freestanding vs. attached to OLF?

> How many people should we plan for?  50?  100?
> I think 100. Once we get a website up and running we can send emails to
> other Ohio-based groups and the the python-list.
> > BarCamp: I think we should have some conventional talks scheduled in
> > advance, too, b/c
> > 1. Many people might not come to something that seems experimental or
> > unfamiliar to them
> > 2. Future PyCon & CodeMash speakers can get practice
> > 3. Specific topics on schedule could lure attendees.
> > 4. Experts might travel further to join us if they have a formal
> > speaking slot
> >
> > However, if we can combine those with a BarCamp, I think that'd be
> > fantastic.  Maybe a few traditional talks for the morning, followed by
> > BarCamp through the afternoon and into the night?
> I think that can work rather well.
> > We should move this conversation to clepy at googlegroups.com and
> > centralOH at python.org.  In fact, we'll want a
> > pyohio-organizers at python.org and pyohio at python.org (for attendees)
> > eventually, too.
> Good point. Who do we talk to got those email addresses?

I'll do that, as soon as we've got a name - I got centralOH at python.org that

Thanks, everyone!

- Catherine
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