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Pete Carswell pete at osc.edu
Wed Sep 3 22:35:45 CEST 2008

Thanks, Brian.

I thought it might be helpful to include a segment of email I had sent to the Paraview forum. Initially I was inquiring about embedding Paraview in a web portal. What we want is greater control with the sci viz processes in generating viewable images from the CFD parameters. Python is also an API for both VTK and Paraview. Here is that email:

"I would like to clarify how we would like to use paraview in this fashion, in the hope that it might generate some response. Currently, there is a CFD course that is taught online. Parameters to a particular problem are entered in a web page and submitted for a run on our HPC cluster. Images of the solution are generated and supplied to the student through the web interface. The batch script runs a processed script generated from Paraview 2.6. We currently also have Paraview 3 installed on the cluster. 

We would like to have more flexibility in processing the images after the solution is submitted, i.e. switching the modes of the data, vector or scalar data, and panning and zooming on the images, and, subsequently, handled by the students in the web application. 

I hope this describes our intentions better. Would appreciate any feedback."

I hope this might give someone some ideas. Thanks.


>>> "Brian Costlow" <brian.costlow at gmail.com> 9/3/2008 3:51 PM >>>
Hi Pete,

Web portal can be a somewhat ambiguous term.

To some, it means Yahoo and similar sites that provide a single point of
entry to lots of online services. (Or corporate or government sites that
serve similar purpose).

To others, it means content management apps like Drupal or Mambo.

Yet again, especially in the Java enterprisey world it can mean a product
that is a combination content manager and application framework that lets
you use shared authentication and access control for web apps that plug into
the portal.

If you are looking for content managers, Plone is the granddaddy of python
content managers. www.plone.org 

If you are looking for frameworks to build a portal of your own, try zope at
zope.org, django at www.djangoproject.com or turbogears, at turbogears.org.
There are also some up and coming content managers being built on django or
tg, you can find links off of those sites.

Good luck.


On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 2:57 PM, Pete Carswell <pete at osc.edu> wrote:

> I was interested in any references about use of python applications as a
> web portal interface. A quick google search turned up
> http://www.pythonthreads.com/news/latest/python-web-application-using-google-app-engine.html 
> but I would be interested in other references. Web portals are, admittedly,
> not my best subject. Thanks.
> pete
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