[CentralOH] COhPy User's Group Meeting Topics

Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Fri Aug 14 19:18:39 CEST 2009


Here are some of my ideas for meeting presentation topics, based on things I
would like to see.

Now it's time for everyone else to chime in.

I think trying to manage this via the list is going to get unwieldy.
However, until we come up with a better repository/tracker, just reply to
this thread on the list to suggest your own topics, 'second' a suggested
topic, or volunteer to present on a topic. That way it's at least in one
easily search-able thread.

It strikes me that some little Django/TG2 app would work for this (could add
suggestions, vote, and volunteer, etc. via the app). If we get enough yea's
on that idea, I'll volunteer to start on one, but I'd need a host, I don't
have access to any publicly available servers at the moment.

Alternatively, we could stick MoinMoin somewhere and just make this a Wiki
topic, or feel free to suggest alternatives.

Key->Value DBs with Python client libs
Tokyo Cabinet/Tyrant
Couch DB
Mongo DB

Deep(er) Dive into python ORMs
Django (including use outside of the whole framework)

Functional Programming.
Iterators,generators, map, lambdas, tour of the functools lib, python

NumPy, SciPy
Especially love to hear from anyone using this to do Excel-business-type
as opposed to a NumPy/SciPy Matlab-type app.

Multiprocessing module
Alternatives? Threading on Jython or IronPython? Twisted + Ampoule (is that
project even alive?)

Python web frameworks where framework not in ["Django", "TurboGears",

Profiling python code.

Using shlex with DSLs or custom configuration files.

XML parsers comparison.

GUI Desktop app toolkits+frameworks
Especially PyQt, PyWebkitGtk, PyJamasDesktop
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