[CentralOH] Help with Twisted Framework

Neil Ludban nludban at osc.edu
Thu May 28 18:56:48 CEST 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009 12:14:03 -0400
Aaron Bush <asb.bush at gmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone on the list have experience using the twisted framework?
> I am looking to pick you brain about the 'best' way to write an application
> using this framework.
> Here is the msg that I posted to the twisted mail list:
> I have just started to look at the Twisted framework and would like to put
> it to use for a new project I am working on.  Not being very familiar with
> the framework and fairly new to Python in general I would like to ask a
> design/architecture question.  (I have written similar applications in C but
> would prefer to start this in the right direction and not write Python like
> C.)

IMO Twisted is just a C framework design forced into Python.  To be
fair, Python threading became reliable about the time I was first
investigating it, and I never looked at Twisted again.  If I needed
a robust framework capable of handling hundreds or thousands of
simultaneous connections, I'd give it another try.

The Python standard library includes a much simpler C-like library:
as well as a more OOD library:

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