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Quick Correction, for the last bit, that should be "Google App Engine" and
not "Googe Apps".  = )
  -Nick "has #gonegoogle" ;)

On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 3:48 PM, Nick Albright <nick.albright at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello Folks!
> So here are the notes from the website portion of the Oct Meeting!
> *Website Objectives
> *Connect with others who use python
> Increase python knowledge
> *Website Features*
> Upcoming Events
>     (Model after "Full Year Calendar" Yahoo widget)
> Sponsors
>     Sponsor for next meeting could be at the top (Reward continue doing)
>     Previous sponsors listed next
> Meeting notes
>     Meeting videos/pictures
> Members to submit and vote on meeting talks
> Website Suggestions
> Book List
>     We could do a lending interface as a project here
> Links to other python groups
> User Pages
>     List of their projects
> Member list
> Latest Updates on the website
> Enticements to join the website/membership benefits
> Interface for 'admin' users to post to twitter account
> Way to communicate/ask questions on code/code review
>     Forum
> Wiki
> Blog
> Python Tutorials!  (People love!)
>     Example code (Should be working/complete)
> Monthly Top 10 Factiods (My handwriting is a bit tough here, I think that
> is right = )
> Podcasts
> List of Local Companies that use python and are hiring
> *Website Framework
> *We talked about using Google Apps as the place to host, since it is so
> closely tied to django and is a great price.  And using Bitbucket as the
> repository.
> We are shooting for at a minimum have the framework setup by the next
> meeting and ready for a possible sprint.  And with any luck, perhaps stuff
> done by then and a possible sprint.
> Any concerns on going with Google Apps and Bitbucket?
> *Action Items*
> 1) Setup Google Apps/see how well it works - I'd be willing to get this
> done in the next week
> 2) Determine what features to implement first!
> I hope people have made it this far!  = )  The question is, what are the
> top 3 features you'd like to see implemented on the website first?
> Thanks Everyone! :)
>  -Nick
> --
> P.S. Any spelling mistakes are not those of the author, as he can't spell.


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