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At the conclusion of the last meeting, we broke into two sub-groups: the
COhPy.org website group and the "Learning and Growing with Python" group.
 The Learning group consists of those interested in learning Python,
learning MORE about Python, and growing as a Python programmer.  It does not
just consist of those new to Python, but also anyone who wants to continue
to learn and grow their Python programming prowess.

At last meeting, we had a brainstorming session to list out all the things
we could do in our sub-group to accomplish that mission.  What I'd like for
anyone interested in this sub-group is to reply to this message with your
thoughts about what resonates with you and what most interests you.
Things We Could Do:*

*1. Code Walkthrough*
Take an existing open-source program written in Python and dissect it,
understanding what it does, and why.
2. Code review*
Take a member's Python code and conduct a code review

*3. Dive into the internals of Python*
The standard library, the GIL, etc.  The Dallas-Ft. Worth Python group (
http://www.dfwpython.org/), which is very active, does this, and Jeff Rush
had a talk at PyCon about how the interpreter creates bytecode.

*4. Solve a problem*
Find a domain and a problem and solve it with Python.  Kind of like the
cohpy.org project.

*5. Walk through an article in Python magazine and discuss*
Python Magazine (http://pymag.phparch.com/) has great practical articles
every month.  We could walk through the article, get the code working on our
systems, and discuss.

*6. Python Cookbook walk through*
The Python Cookbook book from O'Reilly is filled with how-to's and examples
to solve real-world problems.  We could select one or two to walk through
and discuss, and put into practice in example code.

*7. Python Module of the Week*
Doug Hellman writes a blog post every week walking through one of Python's
standard modules (http://www.doughellmann.com/PyMOTW/).  We could take that
as a text to walk through and put into practice with example code.

*8. Take an existing project and contribute together*
Find an open source Python project and find an area of need or interest, and

*9. Forums*
Create a forum so that we can talk about things and help each other outside
of the meetings

*10. CodeCamp/GiveCamp*
Participate as a group/team to help with CodeMash (http://www.codemash.org/)
or GiveCamp (http://www.columbusgivecamp.org/GiveCamp).

We also talked about areas of interest in Python that we would like to learn
more about:

*1. Building GUIs
2. Debugging/Profiling
3. Unit Testing
4. Parsing
5. How to take and outside feed
6. Talking to external devices (USB, serial, Ethernet, etc.)

Please reply with your ideas, thoughts, and interests.

Best Regards,
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