[CentralOH] Website Progress!

Nick Albright nick.albright at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 02:04:43 CET 2009

Hello Folkses!

So we got some website progress!  The basic framework is setup and working
(No real guts yet, but first things first :), and you can see it running on
the google app engine at:


The source code is hosted at BitBucket thanks to Scott!


<http://bitbucket.org/cohpy/cohpy/>And we've got a first pass at directions
on how to download, modify and upload at the bitbucket wiki at:


You will need to create an account on both google app engine, and bit bucket
to be able to commit back any changes.  (We should put that on the wiki
someplace?  Or how do we qualify folks on the list vs people who just find
the bitbucket repository.. humm...)

I'm gonna work on the events, as both the website feedback emails I got put
that at #1. ;)

Who wants to work on what?  We are ready to go!  :)

And what questions do people have?


"Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." --
Albert Einstein
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