[CentralOH] Monday, December 7 Python Users Group Meeting

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon Nov 30 19:41:57 CET 2009

Don't forget our Python Users Group meeting is coming up this coming Monday,
December 7!

Brian Costlow will be talking about "You say Twister^Hd, I say Tornado". He
has built some small web applications at his work that have 'dashboard'
style components. The page displaying the dashboard runs a timer loop in
JavaScript that makes 'AJAX' queries to get updated data. When people leave
this open, it's polling the app server every 30 seconds for updates. Each
update is actually five separate GET calls, which result in 5 queries run

Sometimes the underlying db can go hours without changes, and other times,
it's updating/creating 100s of records a second. He wanted to rewrite the
dashboards as 'Comet' apps, including replacing the server-side with an
asynchronous event loop web server. He prototyped one of the dashboards with
both a Twisted and Tornado back end. He will walk through both
implementations, talk about the tradeoffs, and what their final decision

In addition to Brian, Catherine Devlin will be coming in to talk about
setting up Sphinx to document your code.

We will also have two break-out sessions: developing the cohpy.org website
and Learning More About Python.

Pop and snacks will be provided by Intellovations. We also have a stack of
O'Reilly provided Python books in our library that can be checked out.

Please RSVP at:

See you there!

Best Regards,
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