[CentralOH] Sprints - cohpy.org Web Site

Scott Scites scott.scites at railcar88.com
Sat Oct 3 23:40:04 CEST 2009

I communicated with Eric Floehr this week about having sprints to develop
the cohpy.org web site.

The idea I floated would be to open source the code on a distributed source
code manager like bitbucket (if it comes back up) or github ( thanks for the
speed Rackspace).  This way we can all contribute through participation in
sprints and well as through patches/enhancement submissions and such.

A few of the many things to decide are: What framework?  What pages and
functionality to develop?  etc.  Eric will set aside time in the October
meeting for further discussion.

In the interim, is any one interested in participating in upcoming Sprints?
Which framework would the group like to use?  Any strong preferences for
distributed source code repository?

Hopefully this will be one of many open source contributions our group can

Scott Scites
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