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The idea of the static site has promise. It has a simplicity and an
elegance. There are so many templating languages. From cheetah, to jinja, to
mako, etc. One template language that I have used on an off for about eight
years in Sam Tregar's HTML::Template, which was originally write in Perl
(don't anyone shoot me, please) but has been ported to Python. It's a
template language that really let's one get things "done." I have used it to
build a simple project management software, where code parsing (recursively)
directory trees and then uses regular expressions to determine the latest
and greatest files of interest, then uses the HTML::Template to create a web
page of the documents of interest in a table. Pair this with a Kron job, and
you have an automatically updating site with static methods. You can see the
Python port of HTML::Template at            http://htmltmpl.sourceforge.net






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