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Django gets my vote too.
I have some website ideas, and I want to learn how to apply a strong dynamic solution to them.

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Hello!  = )

I also like the django idea.  A templating engine was talked about and modifying .htaccess for nice URLs were talked about, and at that point, I think django is just about as much work as those 2 things.  But more importantly, to allow potentially multiple people to easily change pages, django makes that very easy.  And with the automatic admin interface, no real work needs to be done on the backend.

So one vote for django here.  :)


On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 9:05 AM, Chris Chandler <chris at developingchris.com> wrote:

I agree, if we start to have a debate over framework or implementation detail choices, then we down shift to a more mundane open source project.

I think that in general we are mostly newbs to python web programming, but most have done web in another platform. I say lets start a django app, and see where it goes and if at the next meeting we get a lot of feedback to change it or not.


Is bitbucket the mercurial github? I'm using git, but mercurial would be an interesting departure, so whichever service is more reliable.

Chris Chandler

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