[CentralOH] Upcoming Python User's Group Schedule

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Fri Oct 23 12:51:04 CEST 2009


Please make sure you have on your calendars the following upcoming
meetings of the Central Ohio Python User's Group:

THIS MONDAY, October 26, 6:30pm at TechColumubus:

At this meeting James Bonanno of Atlantix Engineering will be talking
about "Electronic Design Automation with Python", including
integrating with COM, Excel, and Mentor Graphics.  We will also
organize some "interest groups" including developing the cohpy.org
website and developing a "learning Python" track.

MONDAY, December 7, 6:30pm at TechColumbus:

By popular choice, December 7 was chosen as the best date for our
combined November/December meeting.  At this meeting Brian Costlow
will be talking about using Twisted and Tornado to develop a
responsive, robust web "dashboard" app, and the benefits and tradeoffs
of each.

MONDAY, January 25, 6:30pm at TechColumbus:

Josh Williams will be talking about using Python as the language of
choice for developing PostgreSQL stored procedures in PL/Python.

In general, the Central Ohio Python User's Group meets the LAST MONDAY
of every month, except for a combined November/December meeting due to
the holidays.

I hope to see you at all the meetings!  As always, meetup's will be
created and announcements made, but I thought I'd send this out so
that everyone could mark their calendars.

Best Regards,

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