[CentralOH] COhPy First Meeting Recap

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Tue Sep 29 17:15:21 CEST 2009


We had a tremendous start for the Central Ohio Python Users Group.  We
had 27 people attend, and about 5 more who would have but couldn't due
to either illness or holiday (I apologize for scheduling the meeting
on the day of the most important Jewish religious observance, and the
Hindu Dussehra).

We receive several awesome Python books donated to the group (thanks
O'Reilly and PyOhio).  We raffled one of the books and will (for now)
keep the others as a group reference.  I'll be sure to bring them to
the meetings.

Jon Miller gave the inaugural talk.  He talked about using Python with
Hadoop to do distributed processing, and shared a real-world example.
I don't think we could have asked for a better inaugural COhPy talk
(thanks Jon!!)  There were a lot of good questions and some very good
discussions afterward.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended and helped make the kickoff of
COhPy such a success!  I look forward to seeing everyone in October.

Here were some links that were discussed in the meeting:

PyOhio: http://www.pyohio.org
The PyOhio talks: http://pyohio09.blip.tv/
A link to the slides of the presentation: http://jonebird.com/hadoop_intro.pdf

Our next meeting is **Monday, October 26 at 6:30pm at TechColumbus**.
 James Bonanno of Atlantix Engineering will be talking about
"Electronic Design Automation with Python", including integrating with
COM, Excel, and Mentor Graphics.

Please RSVP at:

Thanks so much, thanks for the feedback, and I hope to have some ideas
to discuss at this meeting regarding format/topics/activities based on
the feedback you provided.

See you in October!

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