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Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Fri Aug 20 15:19:16 CEST 2010


The responses have stabilized so, as promised, here are the results.  83
people completed the survey!  Thank you all (you know who you are)!

59% (49 people) use Python to create desktop GUI applications.

The following numbers will add up to more than 49 because people may use
more than one GUI toolkit.

32 people said they use wxPython
16 people said they use PyQT/PyQT4 (11 for PyQT4, 5 for PyQT)
15 people said they use TkInter
11 people said they use PyGame
10 people said they use PyGTK
4 people said they use Jython (Java libs)
3 people said they use IronPython (.NET/Mono libs)
1 person said they use PyVTK/visual

There were a number of other responses, each mentioned once: Pyglet,
PythonCard, pyFltk, wax (wrapper around WxPython), PyOpenGL, and
Traits/TraitsUI from Enthought (layered on top of either wxPython or PyQT).

There was more uniformity for the web GUI question.  70% (55 people) of
respondents use Python to create web GUIs (however 4 people who answered the
first page of questions failed to answer the second page).

43 people said they use Django
11 people said they use web.py
7 people said they use TurboGears
7 people said they use Pylons
3 people said they use Tornado
3 people said they use Zope/Plone

I obviously missed a couple of important toolkits, as there were 18 other
responses (again a respondent could enter more than one), which were:

6 people mentioned CherryPy
4 people mentioned flask
3 people mentioned repoze.bfg
2 people mentioned Google Appengine
2 people mentioned bottle.py

And one each for mnml, oort, CGI, werkzeug, bobo, and pyjamas.

I hope you find this informative and insightful.  Thanks again all who

Best Regards,
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