[CentralOH] sys.path and utility routines

William McVey wam at cisco.com
Fri Jul 2 18:14:30 CEST 2010

On Fri, 2010-07-02 at 10:41 -0400, Mark Erbaugh wrote:
> No, I'm not using virtualenv, but since you mentioned it, I checked it out. Thanks for the tip. It's a package to keep in mine.

Virtualenv totally rocks. I do all of my development in (and targetting)
various virtualenvs dedicated to particular projects I'm working on.
Along with pip making (and fulfilling) frozen requirements files for me,
it's also how I manage my deployments as well.

If you do start using virtualenv (at least under Linux and/or cygwin), I
highly recommend virtualenvwrapper
(http://www.doughellmann.com/projects/virtualenvwrapper/), a set of
shell aliases/functions to help in organizing and using multiple
environments. If you are developing under native Windows, you may want
to check out env.py (http://bitbucket.org/jdriscoll/envdotpy/wiki/Home) 

  -- William

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