[CentralOH] Volunteers Needed for May Meeting

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Wed Mar 24 22:16:24 CET 2010


I would like to do something different for our May meeting in two
months.  Instead of a single speaker, I'd like to have a laptops-open,
hands-on meeting.  Basically, I'd like two to five volunteers to walk
through a Python component (library, module, third-party API, etc.)
from the basics to a program that does something.  It doesn't have to
be anything fancy, but by the end someone should have gotten their
feet wet and understand how to use that particular component.

It could be a component you are very familiar with and use often, or a
cool component you have discovered, or, one that you'd like to learn
more about (getting together a short talk to teach someone else is
often the best way to learn!).  Some examples of the types of things
that could be interesting:

1. Using lxml or BeautifulSoup or etc. to scrape a web page
2. Creating a TwitterBot
3. Creating a UI that graphs some data
4. ???

The goal would be to work up to the app, so that when done, the
audience would feel comfortable taking the next step with the app...so
a little more than just a line-by-line explanation of the app.

Suggestions? Anyone interested?

Best Regards,

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