[CentralOH] October Talk Notes

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon Nov 1 20:00:34 CET 2010


Thanks for a great meeting last week!  I hope everyone enjoyed the pizza,
donated by Intellovations.  We received $34 total in the tip jar, which will
be used to fund a future Central Ohio Python outing or go to some other
worthy venture (ideas welcome).  Thanks to all who donated!

The slides to my presentation are up:

The main links are:

Django is the Python web application framework used for this presentation

Virtualenv is used to manage Python packages and create isolated package
environments so dependencies and versions can be precisely managed.

PIP is the successor to easy_install and acts like a yum or aptitude for
Python.  It can even install from repositories via URLs (including central
repos like github and bitbucket)

Django Packages is a comprehensive site listing many of the plug-ins,
applications, and other tools for use with Django

Mezzanine, the blog/cms framework built on Django that is the foundation of
the talk's project

Django debug toolbar provides a side panel that allows you to see the SQL
queries run, page generation stats, context, etc. of the rendered page.

Django command extensions are very useful extensions to the Django
management commands, including creating dot files of your models and an
in-browser command prompt for debugging (via werkzeug).

South provides more advanced schema migration capability than is provided
internally by Django via syncdb.

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