[CentralOH] New O'Reilly Book:

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Tue Nov 16 13:52:06 CET 2010

I just wanted to let everyone know that a new O'Reilly book was
released (ebook, print very soon), which features Python: Real World
Instrumentation with Python: Automated Data Acquisition and Control

It looks really interesting, and I'm sure a number of folks will find
this potentially helpful (looking at you James).  Here is the

Learn how to develop your own applications to monitor or control
instrumentation hardware. Whether you need to acquire data from a
device or automate its functions, this practical book shows you how to
use Python's rapid development capabilities to build interfaces that
include everything from software to wiring. You get step-by-step
instructions, clear examples, and hands-on tips for interfacing a PC
to a variety of devices.


Don't forget to use your user group discount!


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