[CentralOH] Looking for suggestions for hosting online app.

Brian Costlow brian.costlow at gmail.com
Tue Nov 16 18:07:05 CET 2010


I'm looking for an inexpensive VPS host to run some python web applications

Prefer something where I can get a full virtual server with root to shove a
few (web app) vanity projects on to.

nginx for static files, apache + mod_wsgi for dynamic python stuff, django,

It might also be running a small Twisted app, and a small RoR web app.

This is largely a place where I can stick a couple of things on a public
server for potential employers to look at, so it doesn't need to stand up to
hundreds or thousands of concurrent users.

(Almost everything interesting I've done in python is behind some BigCo's
corp firewall)

I used VPSLink in the past, and while the service and uptime were good, had
some performance issues that seemed like they were due to having other
slices on the hardware consuming more than their fair share of resources.


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