[CentralOH] Python Book & Python for Instrumentation

James - Atlantix james at atlantixeng.com
Tue Nov 16 18:41:34 CET 2010



Thanks for the notice on the Real World Instrumentation with Python Book. I
will obviously buy  & read it. 


However, I have significant GUI development underway now with "LabView" like
interface for Atlantix hardware, with matplotlib embedded in PyQt with very
nice effects. It's like an oscilloscope at the PC.


A screenshot is below. The various tabs on the left allow for acquiring date
from the Atlantix MD7 board . . . and the OUTPUT tab is for sending streams
of data down to a D/A on the board. 


As a shameless self-promotion, the Atlantix MD7 will be for sale soon as an
"Arduino Buster"  . . . . complete with Python GUI. 








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