[CentralOH] Software craftsmanship group in columbus

Chris Chandler developingchris at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 20:27:18 CET 2010

Other cities have started having meetings to get together and talk/practice

I wanted to start that here in Columbus, so just to get the ball rolling.

Anyone else interested in doing this, a few people are meeting up at the
Rusty Bucket on 315 at 6pm Next Monday Nov 22.
If we can get a steady crowd, the meeting room at Rusty Bucket will be open
to us for free.

So we can have essentially a catered meeting on neutral turf, with beer if
you choose, and that can go a bit later than most business want to push it.

So if you wanna put the kids to bed and have dinner with your family and
then hack with friends, awesome.

If you can come try and shoot me an email so I can warn the restaurant how
many tables we need pushed together.

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler
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