[CentralOH] IMPORTANT: Mailing list emails

Eric Floehr eric at intellovations.com
Mon Nov 29 22:38:14 CET 2010


There have been a number of recent cases where posts from list members
get held up because the email address that is subscribed to the list
isn't the one that sends the email.

This is often the case when you sign up with an alias or a '+' email,
but send under your 'main' account.  People sometimes do this to avoid
spam or to allow easy grouping into lists.

This has been causing an increasing burden on your list administrators
(this is a moderated list).  There are two things you can do to help

1. When sending to the list, send using the email address you used to
sign up for the list.

- or -

2. Sign up with your main email, or better, change your email address
by logging in and using the interface at

You can use the link above also to verify that the email address you
signed up with it the one you want.

Note, archives are only available to list members, and the archives
weakly obfuscate the email address.  Otherwise, your email address
does not become public, as far as I know.

Second, if you are using the email address as a way to group in lists,
note that every list email subject line is prefixed with

Anyway, thanks for your help!  The result will be faster list messages
and less grumpy admins :-).

Best Regards,

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