[CentralOH] Python & Win32 COM on Windows 7, Office 2010

James - Atlantix james at atlantixeng.com
Wed Oct 6 02:38:26 CEST 2010

I am having some real problems getting proven, existing code written in
Python 2.5 to work with Excel 2010 and Windows 7. It is a bit of a


For example, the code below works in 2003/2007 Office/Excel, but not in


import win32com.client

from win32com.client import gencache

gencache.EnsureModule('{91D6BD00-246D-11D2-8643-3AE4EC000000}', 0, 3, 7)  ß
This code references the CLSID of Excel; this is for consistent opening of
the app

global x1

x1 = win32com.client.Dispatch('Excel.Application') 



Right now I am trying to find the CLSID for Excel by calling Microsoft, it
has only cost an hour and 4 tech support people to get where someone can go
look up the number. I hope they can find it.






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