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Issac Kelly issac.kelly at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 16:02:00 CEST 2010

I guess, what I want to know, is what problem with manually making your VHDL
are you trying to solve by templating it?

There are other methods of creating source code in python, and those might
be better suited, as most templating languages are made for markup languages
like PDF, or LaTex or, as you noted, HTML.

There are options like this:
http://effbot.org/zone/python-code-generator.htm  Where you could still be
very explicit, but use things like string comprehension, and other powerful
python functions to create.

Also while looking for something else, I stumbled on Cheetah, which claims
to be a code generating templating language.

I for one can't wait for python on a chip to get a bit more mature.

On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 2:20 AM, James - Atlantix <james at atlantixeng.com>wrote:

> I have been using Mako very successfully lately for autogeneration of VHDL
> code  . . . sort of like generating C++ code with Python directives, if you
> will. ( don’t know how many people are familiar with VHDL.) I get a little
> frustrated looking at all the Python template engines . . .and all the
> examples are for HTML. Cheetah often talks about how it can be used to
> generate things other than HTML, but doesn’t really have any examples. I
> found Jinja2 a little too complicated for my purposes, and Evoque promises
> to be better than Mako but what I found was the Mako documentation as very
> thorough and useful . . . . and of course there is the homespun Tempita
> template language. But what I have found is that among the big three
> (Jinja2, Mako, Genshi) I prefer Mako . . . Of course, this may deserve a
> “survey” if Eric wants to facilitate one . . . Thanks, James
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